How does the Québec de Diplôme d’études secondaires look like?

How does the Québec de Diplôme d’études secondaires look like?
Quebec High School Fake Diploma How does the Québec de Diplôme détudes secondaires look like?

Québec de Diplôme d’études secondaires


Canadian education system is roughly divided into three stages: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Post-secondary Education, also known as higher education. How to get the Quebec Secondary Diploma? Buy Quebec Fake Diploma, Buy Quebec Fake Certificate. In Canada, both primary education and secondary education are compulsory education, which usually takes 12 years, including 6 years of primary school and 6 years of secondary school. However, Quebec is an exception. Quebec is the only province in Canada that adopts a 5-year secondary school education system. Quebec’s secondary schools are divided into five stages: Sec I, Sec II, Sec III, Sec IV, and Sec V, corresponding to grades 7 to 11. Among them, grades 7 and 8 are equivalent to junior high school, grades 9 to 11 are equivalent to high school, and after graduation, they will get the secondary school diploma SSC (Secondary School Diploma) from the Quebec government. Buy OSSD Fake Diploma. In the first year of secondary education, students basically take some compulsory courses. After that, the proportion of elective courses will increase, that is, students can choose some professional courses according to their own interests and future plans, so as to prepare for higher education or career in the future.

After completing the 11-year compulsory education courses for Quebec secondary school graduates, if they plan to apply for a university in the province, they must first attend CÉGEP (French full name: Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel). Québec de Diplôme d’études secondaires Sample. Buy Fake Diploma in Quebec, Buy Canadian Fake Certificate. The literal translation is the College of General and Vocational Education. The unique education stage of the province is also a hard threshold for Quebec universities. CÉGEP offers courses in two main directions:

The 3-year technical training course (Technical Program) is mainly to prepare for employment. After graduation, you will get a DCS diploma (Diploma of Collegial Studies), also called a DEC diploma (Diplôme d’études collégiales), which is actually equivalent to College Diploma;