I really don’t know this guy whose number is +1 (435) 625-1749. and the same number on WhatsApp. they scam customers and take the money away. Customers who want to buy a fake diploma, plz double check the number, and you can find our number on our website.
Here is a buyer’s case story.

these three screenshot pictures was sent by a woman.

Do not trust this number: +1 (435) 625-1749


She report this number, it’s a scammer who stole my icon

the woman paid money to this guy who has a Saudi Arabia bank account

Scammer’s bank details

we never used a Saudi Arabia bank account. coz we don’t have it, we are based in China. If you find this number(+1 (435) 625-1749) on the net, plz block it, DO NOT send money to them, or you will get a SCAM.