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1. What is the “O” level examination, the examination results by what agency assessment, what effect? how to pass the Singapore GCE O level examination. how to buy GCE O Level diploma, buy GCE O Lever transcript.

“O” level exam in the United Kingdom Cambridge general level examination, the test results by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the British Cambridge Examination Committee, the results recognized by the international, can be exempted from the Commonwealth universities.
2. What are the advantages of taking the “O” level test?
Students can apply for admission to five government institutions, such as the Singapore Government, with the “O” level (generally only passing).
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Registration time: every year in March. Exam time: every year in June – November. Published results: February the following year. Singapore Cambridge “O” level of the test fee is about: 30 – 50 SGD / each course. Required subjects 2: English Mathematics, optional subjects: 3 doors, buy IGCSE fake certificate, buy fake AQA GCE certificate, buy fake ESOL certificate, buy Cambridge GCE O Level fake certificate.
Enrollment Business: Required (English, Mathematics), Elective (Chinese, Accounting, Business / Accounting)
(English, Mathematics), Elective (Chinese, Physics, Business / Accounting).