The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) was founded in 1887. According to the latest the financial year 2013 report issued by the AICPA Association, the number of AICPA members in 2013 has exceeded 360,000 and reached 362016. It has reached 327,135 people, and the number of members has increased by nearly 40,000 in 8 years.
In more than a century, AICPA has become the most influential accounting professional organization in the world today.
In 1896 New York became the first state in the United States to implement CPA registration. Accounting is also the fourth officially registered occupation in New York State, a type of legal protection described by Willensky. Where to buy fake CPA Certificate, buy American CPA certificate. Registration requires passing a number of courses, including accounting theory and practice, auditing, and business law, which gave birth to the prototype of the US CPA examination system. Subsequently, other states followed suit. In 1914 alone, six states enacted similar laws. As of 1915, only 9 states in the country have not yet promulgated relevant laws. Although the laws vary from state to state, they show a high degree of unity in three areas: clear CPA titles, establishing a CPA examination system, and prohibiting others from using CPA titles. Fake CPA License. With the increase of interstate commercial activities, the disadvantages of state examinations have become increasingly apparent. The content of the exams varies from state to state, and the standards are different, How to buy Texas CPA fake certificate? buy Australian fake CPA certificate, buy AICPA fake certificate. which has become an obstacle to CPA practice across states. In June 1917, AICPA organized the first national CPA examination. At the time, it was a misnomer because only 250 candidates from New Hampshire, Kansas, and Oregon took the test. However, its significance cannot be underestimated, because it shows a new and fairer CPA examination system. It was not until 1952 that all states in the United States adopted the AICPA exam, which made the national unified exam worthy of the name. It not only facilitates the CPA’s cross-state practice, but also improves the public image of the CPA.