University Degree Leads Students Back To Motherland To Work. Many international students graduated to return to China to find work, or the scent of the job market. However, when international students graduated and returned to China, they found that the domestic employment market has changed.

As the threshold for studying abroad is getting lower and lower, more and more people choose to study abroad, and the number of international students returning to work every year is increasing year by year. Many foreign students have no such treatment before returning to work. buy fake degree. Coupled with the graduation time of international students, it is easy to miss the best recruitment season, the lack of understanding of domestic recruitment channels, the gap between salary levels and expectations, and the information asymmetry of international students and recruiters. Some foreign students find that they study abroad when they apply for a job. Experience is sometimes not a sub-item, but a burden.

This year, China has become the largest source of international students in the UK. Every year, a steady stream of Chinese students choose to study in the UK. Then, when these former British students returned to China with a British university diploma and joined the job-seeking army, buy fake UK diploma. is their job search smooth? Can the experience of studying abroad make them stand out from the crowd?
Guo Jiewei

After 95, graduated from Southampton University with a master’s degree in international journalism and is currently working as an editor at an English-language daily newspaper in Shenzhen.

At the moment last year, Guo Jiewei is still busy writing his thesis. At this moment, buy Canadian university fake degree. he just entered an English-language daily newspaper in Shenzhen. Recalling the past nine months of returning to China, Guo Jiewei’s first sentence to Hua Wenjun is: “In 9 months, I changed 5 jobs, too toss!”

At the end of August last year, after paying the papers on time, Guo Jiewei spent an internship in London for a month and then chose to return to work directly.