U.S. Poll: The Uselessness of University Diplomas Rise in The United States. The survey was conducted from August 5 to August 1200 people were investigated. Among them, 49% believe that the diploma of a four-year university helps to find a good job and obtain a higher total lifetime income, and 47% hold the opposite opinion. The difference between the two is only two percentage points. In the same survey conducted four years ago, the difference between the two views reached 13 percentage points.
The group that has a major impact on this data change is a group that has not obtained a four-year college diploma, including those who have not read a university, have only taken part in the curriculum, or have only obtained a two-year degree. They are increasingly skeptical about the degree. value. Four years ago, this group’s view on whether or not the university was worthwhile was basically half and half. Today, the percentage of skeptics has led to double-digit opposition.
However, with regard to this issue, the opinions of those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree are almost unchanged from four years ago. 63% think that it is worthwhile to go to university and 31% do not think it is worth it.
However, there have been major changes in the views of some groups. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, Although most female respondents still believe that the four-year college diploma is worth the money, the perception of men has changed dramatically. Four years ago, men who considered college diplomas were 12% more likely than their opponents. Today, men who think that college is not worth it have prevailed, with a 10% increase. Coincidentally, this trend of reversal also occurred among 18- to 34-year-olds, of whom 57% questioned the value of college diplomas, and 39% of those who recognized the value of academic qualifications almost adjusted the results of the survey four years ago. All children.
In general, Democratic Party supporters, urban residents, and Americans who admit to the middle class and upper-class people tend to think that the investment in college diplomas is worthwhile; Republican supporters, rural residents, and those who identify themselves as poor or working-class It tends not to be worth it.
According to research data, people with a college degree have an average economic status stronger than those without a degree. For example, the unemployment rate for undergraduate degrees is 2.7%, while the unemployment rate for high school graduates is 5.1%. In addition, the US Department of Labor (Labor Department) study also showed that people with a bachelor’s degree have higher salaries than those who have never attended university. buy US fake degree, buy fake diploma in US, buy a MBA degree in US, buy bachelor’s degree in US, how much for a fake diploma, where to buy fake degree in California, buy Houston fake degree, buy Florida fake diploma, However, surveys of the Federal Reserve Board (abbreviation: Federal Reserve) show that in recent years, the salary premiums brought by degrees have leveled out.
At present, student loans in the United States have surged to $1.3 trillion, and millions of people have defaulted on student loans.
Some Americans believe that learning a craft can give you more protection than going to college.
Jeff McKenna, 32, from Loveland, Colorado, thinks it’s not worth it to go to college. buy degree, buy diploma, buy certificate, McKenna once studied at a vocational school and obtained a machinist qualification. Now, he earns about 50,000 U.S. dollars a year. He said that even during the economic downturn, it has never encountered more than three weeks without living.
“I have several friends who have read high school together and have studied at university. Some have also studied for a higher degree. But they are now only half my income, and they also carry 50 to 70,000 U.S. dollars in debt.” McKenna said, “The demand for skilled workers in the United States is great.”