The risk assessment of going out at night, China won
The areas with the lowest security risks are Greenland and Northern Europe, with the highest risk being in the North Central, Middle East, and Central America. The security risks in China, Europe, and the United States are all low-risk levels. – But I said that I am not satisfied:
In the high-benefit Buddhism countries of the Nordic countries, the law and order are the first to say. In the United States, where is the shooting incident every day, why is it at the same level as us?
▲The place where the shooting occurred in the United States in 2018
Now Chinese social security can be said to be quite good. Not blowing black, buy a fake degree in the US.  a colleague of military blast fungus studied in the UK that year. When he came back, he said this: “After the dark, the United Kingdom simply did not dare to go out, the road was pressed at night. If it does not exist, you will be robbed in minutes. “.
So is China safe? “I don’t know the true face of the mountain, but I am in this mountain.” Today, we will look at the “outside the mountain” – how does the fruit of the fruit evaluate Chinese law and order.
There is a famous video anchor on the tubing, a popular American girl Poppy. Some people in China have asked her these questions:
▲ Is travel safe in China?
In order to answer such questions, Poppy went to the strange city of Beijing. In Beijing, she helped the camera in the distance but did not have a colleague, so she could only put it on the tree in the street. It would be easy if someone wanted to take it, but no one touched her camera until the end of the shoot.
Compared with other countries in the world, it is not Poppy’s personal opinion that it is very safe in China. It is a consensus that foreigners from all over the world have lived in China for a while.
CCTV has had a street interview. The theme is: Do you think China is safe? why? The following are interviews with foreigners from different countries:
▲An answer from the German
“That is absolutely safe, I think it is safer than Germany!” The reporter asked why you think China is safer than Germany. His answer shocked the military weapons: “In China, if you want to take the train, you must pass.” Security check.” ———Is it true that you Germans do not need security checks by train?
So, is it necessary to take a security check-in Germany by train? Not to mention, the German fake diploma. the traffic system security check is not only a German but also a rare object in most European and American countries. In other words, there is no security check-in Europe whether it is a subway or a train.
As for why there is no security inspection system, because in order to improve transportation efficiency and save labor costs, Europe is basically not armed in the public transportation system, and it will not take people to bring explosives and flammable products to the subway or train. In recent years, terrorist attacks against public transportation systems have emerged one after another.
▲ European subway bombing
In the terrorist attack in Brussels in Belgium in 2016, 20 people were killed and 106 injured in a suicide attack on the subway. Despite the endless stream of terrorism, the countries concerned have only strengthened the security of the public transport system and have not established a system of security checks. European Fake diploma. The Chinese security inspection system, which requires a bottle of water, does work very well. Although it sometimes feels troublesome, I feel that it is still a little troublesome for life safety.
▲An answer from the French
“If you are in France, you will not go out at a very late time.” For young Chinese, can’t go out at night? Isn’t night the beginning of a wonderful life? Get a French Diploma. The daily nightlife in China does not exist in France and the United Kingdom.
▲ France, Paris, two days are full of street protests
Normally from 4 pm to 5 pm, most shops are closed from work, and the rest are just some 24-hour convenience stores, or bars and the like. When the sun sets, the streets are basically a group of unidentified people. In this case, the consequences of going out again are unimaginable. Basically, you should not go out.
▲Answer from Americans
According to a 2015 gun survey in the United States, the number of private guns in the US 315 million people has reached more than 300 million. The number of people who have been shot innocently is 100,000 per year. More than 30,000 people die from guns every year…
▲The shooting in the United States is happening every day.
On October 15 this year, the New York Police Department patrol captain posted a message on the social networking site to celebrate the recent three consecutive days of no shootings in New York for 25 consecutive years. Even the Mayor of New York praised it as a remarkable achievement. Ten days after the posting was completed, a shooting incident occurred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,