Returnees, returned overseas after returning to employment, was synonymous with high-end talent. 10 years ago in the talent market, returnees are located in the VIP room, students are in favor. Now, this situation has been drastic changes.
Students are also the same as the domestic university graduates, to participate in corporate recruitment, squeeze the talent market. And even a well-known enterprise HR (Human Resources Manager) boast: now returnees graduate students are not as 985 undergraduate students! Devaluation devaluation.
Return of the returnees, but also from its expectations of 10,000 yuan, plunged to 6,000 CNY and compared to domestic universities, especially elite graduates, the advantages of returnees getting smaller and smaller.

The last two weeks, Express reporter visited the senior study consultant, senior enterprise senior HR, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy US fake degree, buy fake diploma in Australia, buy Monash University fake degree, buy a bachelor degree, study the family, return students, and made a random survey, found that the depreciation of diploma, return to competitiveness, is an indisputable fact.
Express reporter last week on the Hangzhou 50 returnees random interview found that returnees are not satisfied with the salary, 28% of the starting salary of 6,000 yuan, the lowest only 3,500 yuan; starting salary in the 6000-8000 yuan returnees accounted for the largest 40%. This value has been with many college graduates in Hangzhou starting salary is almost the same.
And with this embarrassing salary corresponds to the huge family investment abroad. To study abroad, tuition plus living expenses, spending two or three hundred thousand yuan a year, the basic starting price, and the cost year after year high.
In 2007, the total number of domestic students studying abroad was 14.4 million, and the total number of returned persons was 44,000. By 2016, the total number of overseas students studying abroad was 544,500. In 2016, the total number of returned overseas students was 432,500. Just 9 years, the number of foreigners soared nearly 4 times. The total number of returned overseas students, how to buy a fake diploma, where to buy fake degree in Australia, buy RMIT fake degree, nearly 10 times the surge! Zhejiang has more than 10,000 students studying abroad each year, the students returned to the peak of the past two years, 90% of the students returned home employment.
One side is the huge cost of studying abroad, while the return of study abroad after the embarrassing situation. buy fake certificate, A lot of working families in order to allow children to receive better education, at the expense of all the family to let the children go abroad to study, such a large investment in education, the risk is really great.