Students Designed Their Own Projects With There Fake Diploma. The other six New South Wales public schools, including several primary schools, were also experimented on the SpaceX rocket.
They include Berala Public School, Blairmount Public School. Kasla High School, Colan Public School, Elley Public School, Granville East Public School, and Peak Road Public School.
Many schools take care of disadvantaged students.
Science teacher Keerti Shukla said: “I remember when I was introduced in the General Assembly.
“I want 20 children who can join a team, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript,  I have received more than 60 applications since the children just want to do something.
“This is one of the projects where children are applying each of their skills in mathematics, science and engineering, and putting them together to design a real-world experiment by a true astronaut.
During two weeks, the astronauts of the International Space Station will send the data to the students, buy fake degree in Australia, who will analyze the findings and present the findings.
“Students are trying to understand the environment in which astronauts work and how they affect our future voyage,” said Ms. Shukra.
“In short, the goal is to make space travel easier.”