British police reported on the 23rd that 39 bodies were found in a container truck in an industrial park in Essex, Buy Fake Diploma. Southeast England. The Essex County police said in a statement that the police received an alarm from the emergency department in the early morning and rushed to the scene. The body of 38 adults and one teenager was found in the carriage. There were no survivors. This tragic incident is shocking and sad. In addition, fake degree for Smuggling. Richard Burnett, chief executive of the British Road Transport Association, buy fake diploma, buy fast degree certificate, get a British diploma, buy a bachelor diploma. said the tragedy highlighted the danger of immigrant gangs selling people through containers.

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CNN said that in Europe, there have been many fatal cases in recent years, and a large number of immigrants were found dead in containers. Reuters said that this summer, four smugglers were sentenced to life imprisonment for 71 immigrants found dead in an abandoned truck in Austria. On June 18, 2000, 60 Chinese illegal immigrants attempted to sneak into the United Kingdom. They hid in a cargo truck with tomatoes and went to the British port city of Dover. As the trucks were so airtight, Buy fake degree. 58 stowaways suffocated and died in trucks, and the other two survived.