Malaysian SEGi University Fake Degree Sample

Malaysian SEGi University Fake Degree Sample
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SEGi University Fake Diploma

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School Name: SEGI University

Location: Malaysia Kota Damansara

Founded: 1977

School Type: private (government-funded)

Whether Certification: China Ministry of Education, recognition of qualifications.

Start dates: January, April, July, October

Application deadline: 2 months before the beginning of

In 1978, the Systems Group (Systematic) in Kuala Lumpur began the first colleges,

Malaysia Century College

In the next 30 years, Systems Group continued to expand the size of the school, has grown to seven university colleges and universities, the number of students more than 20,000 people. In 2002, the Systems Group (Systematic) changed its name to Century Group (SEG International Bhd). After 30 years of development, Century Group has trained more than two thousand students, offers more than 100 courses, more than 300 students received the first-class honors degree, there are 220 full-time teachers. In addition, Century Group is a listed company in Malaysia, in Malaysia Stock Exchange and the stock exchanges.

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