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The University of Dundee expanded rapidly after gaining independent university status. Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Nursing, Social Work and Accounting are thriving. A new art department is established. How to Buy a University of Dundee Fake Diploma? Where to order the University of Dundee Fake Degree in the latest version? How to get a PhD degree from the University of Dundee? Buy the University of Dundee Master’s Degree online. Buy University of Dundee Fake Certificate. How to create the University of Dundee Fake Transcript? The University of Dundee is the only university in the UK that offers a dual LLB in English and Scottish law to law students.
In 1974 the University began to recognize some degrees from the Duncan Jordanstone School of Art and Design. All degrees from the Faculty until 1988 are recognised. In 1994, the two schools merged, and the former college became a department for undergraduates. In recent years, the Dundee Institute of Education has also allowed students to sit for degree examinations at the University of Dundee. The University of Dundee merged with Northern College’s Dundee campus in December 2001 to create the Department of Education and Social Work.
In October 2005, the University of Dundee became the UK’s first United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Centre. This centre for water law, policy and science studies the management of the world’s water resources for the United Nations.


The main campus underwent extensive renovations in the 2000s, with the construction of a series of new buildings and the renovation of many old buildings. Buy UK Fake Degree, Buy UK Postgraduate Diploma, Buy Dundee MSc Degree. Buy Fake Degree in London, Buy Fake Diploma in Dundee. How to Purchase the University of Dundee Undergraduate Degree? In 2007 the school celebrated 40 years of independence. Major expansions are planned for the main library and sports centre, and a series of new student residences are up and running. The School of Education and Social Work received a new building to replace the original City East campus.
Other plans that have not yet been implemented include a southward development with a series of green spaces linking the various parts of the university.
The life sciences, law and design majors of the University of Dundee enjoy a world-class reputation. More than half of the university’s research projects are in 4, 5 or 5* faculties. Majors with outstanding research strength include biochemistry, civil engineering, mathematics, law, computer, art and design, accounting and finance.