How to Buy a Fake New York State Driver License?

How to Buy a Fake New York State Driver License?
New York State Fake Driver Licence

New York Fake Driver Licence


Go to the DMV official website to learn the driver’s manual and take the quiz.
It is recommended that you read the driver’s manual carefully, especially the places that are different from those in China, such as right of way, stop sign, communication between vehicles, alcohol and drug restrictions, etc. After passing all the quizzes, you can take the exam.
When you take the test, bring all the materials you have prepared before to the DMV, and the staff will guide you through the process of picking up numbers, queuing up, filling out forms, measuring eyesight, and taking pictures. How much for a Fake New York Driver License? Where to order the State of New York Fake Driver License? Buy NY Fake Driver License online, How to get the Fake DL in New York? Buy Washington Fake Driver License, Buy California Fake Driver License.
The photo needs to be taken on the spot, and then the photo will appear on your driver’s license, so please pay attention to your image when you go (the photo quality can refer to the classic scene in Zootopia).
The next written test is very loose, with more than 20 multiple-choice questions, and if you answer more than 14 questions correctly, you will pass. If you fail, you can take the test again without additional charge.
After passing the written test, the staff will notify you on the spot, and then pay the fee, which is between $65-$120 depending on the applicant’s age, driver’s license type and place of residence.
When filling in the address, be sure to write an address where you can receive mail.
After all the processing is completed, the staff will send you a temporary Learner Permit, and the official documents will be received in about 2 weeks. The Learner Permit cannot be extended, so be sure to take the road test before it expires.


⑤ Book a road test
To book a road test, you need to log in to DMV’s road test schedule management system
Information needed:
Valid Learner Permit, Driver ID and Birthday ☞MV-278☞ The zip code of the area where you want to take the road test
Usually appointments are around 3-5 weeks, Buy Texas Fake Driver License, Buy Fake Driver License in Boston, Buy Fake Driver License in Arizona. but may reach around 10 weeks if students are on holiday or during peak summer months.
If the appointment is not scheduled for the expected time, it is also possible to make an appointment for the test in the surrounding area. After the appointment is successful, you can enter the 9-digit probationary driver’s license code to view the result.
According to the New York State DMV regulations, before booking a formal road test, you need to receive no less than 50 hours of driving training and 15 hours of night driving training. And the DMV recommends at least 10 hours of practice on roads with moderate to heavy traffic while being supervised.