How to Get Your ACCA Professional Level Certificate

How to Get Your ACCA Professional Level Certificate
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ACCA Professional Level certificate

The ACCA professional stage is divided into core courses and elective (four choices two) courses. The course at this stage is equivalent to the difficulty of the course at the master’s level and is the extension and development of the first part of the course. where to buy ACCA Professional Level certificate, how to get the ACCA Professional Level, buy ACCA fake certificate, This phase of the course introduces the more advanced vocational skills and knowledge skills necessary for future senior accountants. Elective courses are designed for students in advanced management consulting or consulting careers who have skills in solving more advanced and complex problems. The specific course is:
P1: Professional Accountant Professional Accountant (PA)
P2: Company Report Corporate Reporting (CR)
P3: Business Analysis Business Analysis (BA)
Elective course PROFESSIONAL – OPTIONS (four doors are optional)
P4: Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
P5: Advanced Performance Management Advanced Performance Management (APM)
P6: Advanced Taxation Advanced Taxation (ATX)
P7: Advanced Audit and Certification Business Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
All students must complete three core courses. In the latest official CACA policy, the ACCA P-stage exam sequence is unrestricted. Candidates can apply for the elective course and then apply for the core course. ACCA established a partnership with Oxford Brookes University in 2000 to enable students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Accounting (Honours*) while studying ACCA professional qualifications. This global initiative further underscores ACCA position as a global leader in accounting and training. (*Note: The bachelor’s degree awarded by a UK university is divided into several grades according to the average grade of the students’ courses. The honorary bachelor’s degree means an advanced degree.)
Oxford Brooks University was ranked first in the new university by the Times in 2000 for the fifth time in a row. Buy fake ACCA Professional Level certificate, buy fake ACCA diploma. The University’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting (Honours) is highly regarded for its consideration of accounting profession, practical work and employer’s financial requirements. It not only enables students to demonstrate their professional competence, buy Oxford Brookes University ACCA degree, but also demonstrates their practical operational skills, which complements the ACCA exam and greatly enhances student employment opportunities.
After passing the ACCA first and second part of the nine-course exam, the student will submit a research and analysis report and a main ability statement for the school’s assessment, and have the opportunity to obtain the above bachelor’s degree.