79-Years-Old Grandmother Got Her Fake Computer Diploma From The university. At the graduation ceremony of the University of Maryland on May 14, there was such a figure that was exceptionally special. With other cheering graduates, her pace is slow but firm, her eyes deep and excited. When most people see Lucy Capers, who is near old age, they think that she is a family and friends who witness the grandchildren’s graduation. But in fact, this is Lucy Capers’ own glory moment: she graduated from Maryland University!

Growing up in a small town in Alabama that is poor and backward and apartheid is still alive, Lucy Capers, when they were young, did not have much opportunity to go to school. But she has always had a thirst for knowledge, and the favorite subject is mathematics. However, due to family and economic factors, Lucy Capers chose to marry her son at the age of 18. She has since worked for the federal government and has been living on a regular basis. She has always had a strong curiosity about new things and new technologies in her work. study in US, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy a bachelor degree, buy master’s degree in Maryland, buy fake diploma in Texas, buy OSU fake degree, buy UCO fake diploma, buy Harvard diploma, If there is an opportunity to go out for further studies, Lucy Capers will always be the first to apply voluntarily and come back to share knowledge with colleagues.
When Lucy Capers was a young man, he had been busy for half a lifetime. When the three children grew up independent and retired, Lucy Capers finally had time to relax. However, unlike ordinary grandma, she did not choose to stay at home to cook flowers and gossip with the neighbors, but picked up dreams that were not completed in his childhood: go to school!
The old lady believes that learning is her lifelong dream: “Education is an extremely important thing, and knowledge can accomplish anything.” Lucy Capers made the decision to return to school, there is another important significance: give her 13 grandchildren Make an example. Learning is a matter of all ages. If grandma can do it, then you can do it!
Of course, compared to young people around the age of 20, the old woman is also facing more challenges in the road to study: he is too old to eat too much, his eyes are slow to respond, and so on. But Lucy Capers never gave up, instead choosing the right rhythm to follow. After obtaining two associate degree degrees from a local community college, she decided to continue her education. Five years ago, Lucy Capers applied for an online course at the University of Maryland. She spent five years studying computer research online and eventually graduated successfully.
We must know that the computer research profession has made young people feel difficult. The old grandmother insisted on its interest in new technologies and new things to become one of the best students in the class. Lucy Capers also said that he may have to choose psychology or sociology and continue to study! where to buy a fake degree, how much for fake degree, US university fake degree for sale, who make fake diplomas, the diploma suppliers. buy phony diploma, Lucy Capers’ grandmother’s education experience also infected the whole family and friends around her. This learning of age-free spirit seems to have become a family tradition. Her grandmother’s sister, Linda Minger, who had a master\’s degree at the age of 49, said that anyone can be successful with hard work, whether you may spend 2 or 10 years. Lucy Capers is not an example of the practice of “living old and learning old,” and many people use their entire life as a classroom for learning.
Elaine Jones-Scott, a grandmother-level student, has a very similar experience. In the early years, she also interrupted her studies because of economic and family factors. At the age of 62, she graduated from Chicago State University in psychology and she excitedly said that some dreams can still be fulfilled.