Fake Diplomas, Where To Buy Fake Degree. Whether education in American public schools is bad does not depend on the quality of the teacher, but the quality of the student. The United States is a much more complicated place than Chinese society. A variety of immigrants, but also can hold guns, drug trafficking, gangs, all-encompassing. This will be known as a trip to downtown Los Angeles. Why the University of Southern California Chinese students have a tragedy because it is in a particularly chaotic area south of downtown Los Angeles. A teacher I know tells me that she used to teach in a very poor and chaotic public elementary school. What kind of parents are there in the class, parents are in prison, there are drugs, there are gangs, and there are Garbage, there are 8 brothers and sisters living in a bedroom. Those children just can’t have a quiet environment to do their homework. How do you let them learn? Is it too absurd to take the test scores of such students as teachers’ work indicators? How can you compare the scores of such students with those of the children in the Beverly Hills rich area and then conclude that the teacher is not good at teaching? In the past, the Los Angeles Times also used the student’s scores to determine whether the teacher was qualified and then published it in the newspaper. Later, the pressure on public opinion was cancelled. Public school recruiting teachers have a much more complicated process and procedures than private schools. After all, it is a civil servant, so it is very cautious. I feel that the domestic teacher training system is worth learning. Their public school recruiting teacher must have a teacher qualification certificate. The teacher qualification certificate is not like the domestic one, paying 800 yuan for a class, back, test a test is over. American teacher qualification certificate is required for the course + exam + internship! The average course is fifty or sixty credits, and then a variety of state exams and one semester internships. Teachers with three years of work experience during the internship will take you, give you advice, supervise your teaching, various assessments, and then In order to get the elementary teacher qualification certificate. Note that it is prime! Not permanent! This process usually takes one and a half to two years and is as long as a graduate student.