College Degree Required. But Why?

Quantity – There are more than 2,300 community colleges in the United States with more than 10 million registered students. Currently, nearly 70% of students in the United States are enrolled in colleges and universities each year. Nearly one-third of the local students choose to study in a community college for two years, and then transfer to a four-year college to continue their studies for two years.

Nature – More than 90% of community colleges are public, with strong regionalism, how to get a fake College diploma? and a small number are private and tribal.

Course – Community College is a 2-year university. Students can choose to transfer credits at a community college, and transfer to a four-year university two years later; or choose a program that cannot transfer credits, that is, skills, such as haircuts or chefs, and work directly after graduation.

Tuition – 38% of the funds from community colleges come from the state government. buy fake diploma in the US. Tuition income accounts for about 20%, and local government funds are close to 20%. The rest are supplemented by other forms of funding.

Therefore, for American students, there are many scholarships and various forms of bursaries for community colleges in the state, 72% of them receive scholarships, 60% receive government grants, and tuition is one-third of the average four-year university.