Buy UK Degree-Does Britain Intends To Ban The Students To Work? The UK Home Office has recently announced a series of policies to further tighten student visas, including prohibiting some international students from working during their studies in the UK. They need to return home immediately after graduation. If they want to work in the UK, they need to apply for a work visa.
Starting in August this year, new students from government-funded colleges (not universities) will no longer be able to work. where to purchase the Britain fake degree? buy fake university degree in London. Students who have studied in private colleges have previously been banned from working. Currently, these students can work ten hours a week.
Since August this year, international students studying at the university can still study other courses at the same level after graduation, but the two courses must be related, or the university can determine that the new course is helpful for finding a job after graduation. How much for a fake UK diploma? It is also necessary to conduct credibility interviews with relevant universities to prevent this rule from being exploited.