Buy Diploma-Recent Changes to Australian Student Visas. Recently, the Australian Visa Center has introduced a new policy, which has made new adjustments to the Australian visa processing process. In order to facilitate everyone to apply for an Australian visa, the study abroad website will give you a detailed introduction of the specific changes of these visas. Everyone’s reference.

First, the Australian Visa Center adjusts the funding

Under the new policy, applicants for student visas for undergraduate and master’s degree programs in Australia will be changed from 24 months to 18 months, and the guarantee will be reduced by approximately 18,000 Australian dollars (about 120,000 yuan); As for student visa applicants for other non-degree programs, the funding guarantee requirement has been reduced from 36 months to 24 months, and the guarantee money has been reduced by approximately A$36,000 (approximately RMB 240,000). In addition, the cost of Homestay (homestay) pre-paid by the student can be counted in the guarantee as long as it is arranged by the school, regardless of the school boarding or homestay.

Second, the Australian visa application language learning is more flexible and relaxed

After the implementation of the new policy, how to study in Australia? how to buy a fake Australian degree? buy Curtin University degree certificate. Chinese students went to Australia to attend high school, and the previous language courses were extended from no more than 30 weeks to as long as 50 weeks. At the same time, student guardians with a 580 visa can study part-time English courses without restrictions and full-time courses for up to three months (any course includes language).

Third, the Australian visa application changes are significant

At the end of 2012, the current 485 technology graduate visa will no longer exist, replaced by PSW (Post Study Work visa), which is a graduate work visa. The work visa for bachelor’s degree and master’s degree is valid for two years, the work visa for research master’s graduates is three years, and the work visa for doctoral graduates is four years. More importantly, students applying for a work visa are no longer restricted to the list of immigrant occupations. who can help to create the RMIT diploma? buy fake Macquarie University degree. In other words, graduates of any professional background can apply. This change will greatly benefit the professional diversification of Australian colleges and universities, which means that the phenomenon of business and IT will be greatly improved. It should be pointed out that other graduates other than the above graduates seem to be unable to apply for PSW. This change in visa policy provides college graduates with an opportunity to stay in Australia and gain practical work experience after completing their studies. The Australian Government plans to apply for a new student visa holder, so the visa may be implemented in early 2013.