Where Does The Foreign University Money Come From?

I. Government funding
This money is the main income of public universities in the United States, and the money comes from the taxpayer’s pocket. Most state governments in the United States impose a “state tax” every year, and municipal governments impose a “city tax”. Some states also charge high taxes on tobacco and alcohol for education. Paying the education tax is an obligation of every resident. That is to say, anyone living in the state will be deducted from the tax if they are part of their lifetime income. Whether they are from a school or not, they cannot be exempted. The reason is simple. When you go to school, the state supports you, then you also have the responsibility to support the children of other families.

Second, tuition
Most of the tuition fees collected by public universities in the United States are used to hire high-level professors and purchase teaching equipment while recruiting students with a large number of good quality is based on the accumulation of teaching in schools. buy a fake diploma. Tuition fees are also the most “discriminatory” project in public universities. At the time of enrollment, the public university requires students to provide a home address, tax certificate, and at least two utility bills to confirm that the student is legally resident in the state. After the admission, the state’s low tuition calculation method is adopted to ensure the taxpayer’s advantage. For students from foreign states and foreign countries, the fees are two and a half times higher.

Third, the graduates give back to the alma mater to donate generously
This part is the income that is highly valued by both public and private universities in the United States. American universities have a large fundraising network that covers most graduates. After American students leave their alma mater, especially after the success of their careers, buy fake degree online, fast buy diploma. most people don’t forget to give back to their alma mater. The alma mater has developed and the ranking is high. As a graduate, I will feel the brilliance on my face. This kind of generosity often lasts for a lifetime, so the source of this part of the funds is very stable. Public universities often use these money to build libraries and sports facilities. Both public and private universities are responsible to the “squatters” and report the amount of donations received to the government.