Buy Fake Degree: Chinese Seek U.S. College Admission at Any Price. Going to the US to study at the university attracts more and more students and professionals because they believe that this allows them to speak fluent English. In addition, as Chinese incomes increase, parents are more able to afford the cost of going abroad.
Since American universities began enrolling students in China eight years ago, it has become common for parents to consult with study agents and seek help from various institutions.
Intermediaries usually provide students and parents with the help and advice they need in a timely manner, because many of them do not understand the complex procedures and requirements for applying to American universities, and the freelance education consultant Yu Ming said.
He also said that in China, how much for a fake diploma, how to get a fake US diploma?  attending colleges only requires one exam – so many people are stumped by the extracurricular activities required by American universities. how to find fake degree certificates? Most high school teachers in China are still unable to write letters of recommendation in English.
“For ordinary high school students, can I fake a degree for a job? where to buy fake degree in Malaysia? if their parents don’t know about foreign university applications, they must turn to third parties,” he said.
According to The Institute of International Education, one-third of international students on American university campuses are currently from China.
But what is increasingly worrying is that many intermediaries lack supervision and they often do more than just help.