First, the language base is critical. Studying in the UK, we either learn English or life are inseparable, fake degree, buy degree, buy certificate, buy diploma, buy a fake degree, she is the most basic and most indispensable communication tool. While British universities are basically taking the strict exit policy, domestic students can get the British university admissions through various channels. But after school, lack of language skills will continue to be the biggest obstacle they successfully graduated and with people. In addition, the high language test scores, how to buy fake degrees in the UK, buy UK fake diplomas, buy UK degree, although not enter the British elite absolute guarantee, it is certainly very critical when students apply for prestigious a “stepping stone.” So, for those interested to apply for the UK’s top elite students must be first in the country to improve their English level, especially in terms of speaking and writing. We must be detached from himself “dumb English” shackles advance adaptation in English with people face to face communication and communication; in addition, students in British universities for academic writing skills also have high requirements, students should strengthen their academic writing exercise skills, and gradually establish the English mode of thinking.