What’s The Most Fundamental Difference With American International School Diploma? How should choose? In the United States high school, children can feel the collision of values, to learn a new way of life, in the process to know themselves and to surpass themselves. However, select US or international high school, in fact, is to find a balance between risk and return, eventually according to their actual situation to choose.

First, the US and international high school, combined with competition
May I accepted the “Life Week” interview, about the American elite high school education topic, discussed typical boarding school in the northeastern United States. In fact, this topic is not new.
I remember several years ago “to the United States high school” when the tide began to heat, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake bachelor’s degrees, buy fake master’s degrees, buy doctor’s license, CNN looking for me to do a special interview. A few years later, to revisit the issues, because of more young students and a strong demand for international education. If I do the media, I am more interested in the school’s international focus on domestic, as well as in conjunction with the competition between the American high school.
Second, understand themselves, understand others start start
So the difference between the US and international high school between what? According to experience in the past years in US high schools and international schools line, I wanted to come of what the most fundamental difference between the two.
By extension, when you start living in another country, you really begin to understand their own home country. For a 15-year-olds, when he left the parents, leaving a familiar environment to the new environment in which to live, his greatest achievement would really begin to realize the original self.
An unfamiliar foreign country is a resource that can not be copied, pressure and freshness coexist. In everyday life, this strange everywhere makes you uncomfortable.
As we all know, people are always against the tide will grow more robust. You can not beat you, buy a passport, buy degree, buy diploma, buy high school diploma, buy associate’s degree, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, it will make you stronger. Learn a new way of life, new thinking, new language is not going to replace the original, but makeup and strengthened. When we are faced with a similar problem, a solution will be more.
Analogy: I was once a small student, living in the United States more than a decade later, still like Chinese food, but I have not relied on it, because I also accept the Mexican, Italian, Greek cuisine. Born in the south of China, I still like home rice, but also like the North bread as a staple. where to buy a diploma? Diet is just appearance, behind it is an ability to receive and convert new things.