How Can We Add Watermark And The Fluorescent Security On The Fake Transcripts?

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The transcripts are widely used in various universities, and the transcripts are the only ones that demonstrate the performance of each subject at the school. In the past, the transcript was just an ordinary piece of paper. After printing the student's grades, the official seal of the school was stamped and sealed in an envelope. With the advancement of anti-counterfeiting technology, buy fake transcript, order fake transcripts, how to change the grades on the transcript, how to copy a official transcript. how to change my original transcript mark. buy degree, buy diploma, many people can try to fake transcripts because they can find the same paper to replace, including color. This confuses university registrars. Since 2013, the world's anti-counterfeiting technology has been updated. Many universities have adopted a new generation of anti-counterfeiting papers. The unique LOGO is added to the transcripts, and the anti-copy function is added. When students copy through the printer, VOID will appear. , COPY and other words. With these security features, the possibility of copying transcripts is almost zero.
The road is one foot high and the devil is one foot high. Here is a fake transcript with real watermark and fluorescent anti-counterfeiting function. As long as the student can order from us through the website, he will add his personal information and grades according to the student's request. It can be converted into a perfect original transcript.