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The undergraduate program at the University of California at Berkeley is a four-year, full-time program that places great emphasis on the development of art and science. Freshmen’s enrollment competition is fierce, but many students have entered the Berkeley school in the second year of their sophomore year. Berkeley's most popular majors are: Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Political Science, how to get a fake UC Berkeley degree, where to buy UC Berkeley fake diploma, purchase UC Berkeley fake diploma, obtain fake UC Berkeley certificate. Molecular Cell Biology, Environmental Science, and Economics.
Berkeley-San Francisco
Berkeley-San Francisco
The requirements for undergraduate students to complete their studies come from four main areas: the University of California System, the Berkeley Campus, the corresponding colleges, and professional departments. These requirements include: Entry-level English writing (must meet the minimum score requirements for SAT or ACT), complete the "American History and Institutions" and "American Cultures Breadth" courses, then Meet the credit requirements of the corresponding college and professional courses. Undergraduate final exams are generally 3 hours, in mid-December of the fall semester or mid-May of the spring semester. The College of Arts and Sciences is a traditional sub-disciplinary comprehensive education organization in the Western education system. The Department of Arts and Sciences of Berkeley is the largest of the 14 colleges. It has the largest number of students and the most important one. It has 6 schools. Faculty, 46 departments. Many departments of the College of Arts and Sciences offer minor degrees. The following is a detailed list.
Department of Life Sciences: Department of Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, buy bachelor degree from UC Berkeley, buy UC Berkeley MBA degree, buy UC Berkeley BA degree in Economics. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Department of Genetics, Department of Immunology, Department of Cell Nuclear Biology, and Department of Physiology
Department of Humanities: Department of Art History, Department of Art Practice, Department of Classical Art, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Dramatic Art, Department of East Asian Languages, Department of English, French, German, Italian Studies, Music, Near East Studies, Philosophy , Department of Rhetoric, Scandinavian, Slavic Language and Literature, South and Southeast Asian Studies, and Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Physics: Department of Physics, Department of Astronomy, Department of Geology, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Statistics
Department of Social Sciences: Department of African American Studies, buy University of California Berkeley fake diploma online, buy US fake degree, buy fake diploma in Berkelry, CA. Department of Anthropology, Department of Democracy, Department of Economics, Department of Ethnology, Department of Geography, Department of History, Department of Linguistics, Department of Politics, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, and Women Department.