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The University of Pennsylvania is the first modern university in the United States. The first medical school in North America, the first business school (Wharton Business School) and the first student union organization were born in the University of Pennsylvania, ranking first in the US in finance and nursing, education, economics, and medical. History, law, English, and other majors in business are ranked among the top ten in the United States, and they are in the world's leading position in art, where to buy University of Pennsylvania fake degree, how to buy University of Pennsylvania fake diploma, buy University of Pennsylvania fake certificate, order the University of Pennsylvania transcript, humanities, social sciences, architecture, and engineering education. The school's annual construction investment reached more than 400 million US dollars, ranking among the top in the famous Ivy League school. At the beginning of its establishment, the school was a charity college. Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the school, believes that new knowledge comes from the broadest understanding of existing resources and the most innovative use. This idea guides his research work and is also the guiding principle for his founding school. He believes that in order for North America to achieve the industrial, commercial and military strengths of Europe at that time, buy UPenn fake degree, buy UPenn fake diploma, order fake degree from UPenn, it is necessary to promote and implement new types of education that focus on practical applications, and to cultivate talents with innovative thinking, quick response to the creation of others, and no real life. This educational philosophy has always run through the development of the University of Pennsylvania for more than two hundred years.


The University of Pennsylvania is different from the colonial colleges that offer old-fashioned courses in accordance with the British model. The three colonial colleges (Harvard, William and Mary College, Yale), which are dedicated to cultivating clergy, mark the birth of a new higher education model in North America. Even from the era of Penn's predecessor, the Philadelphia College, where to buy a bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania, buy University of Pennsylvania master's degree, the school was deeply influenced by the education reforms of Scotland at the time, which was unique in North America at the time. The first president of the University of Pennsylvania, Franklin’s friend, William Smith, is a supporter and follower of the Scottish Enlightenment. He has made many contributions to the American education, buy US fake degree, buy US fake diploma,  introducing science to the traditional Greek language and One example is the Latin syllabus. It can be said that the University of Pennsylvania has pioneered modern American education, not only setting up science courses first, but also the first American university to offer courses in history, mathematics, agronomy, English and modern languages.