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Milan Bicocca University was founded on June 10, 1998. It was created because the University of Milan, which has a long history, has become overcrowded, so it has undergone adjustments and Bicocca University has become independent.



In the past ten years, the young University of Milan Bicocco has rapidly developed into a comprehensive university with 30,000 students and 1,500 research and teaching staff.



All classrooms, laboratories and libraries on campus today have internet access, how to replica the University of Milano-Bicocca diploma, where to buy University of Milano-Bicocca fake degree, buy University of Milano-Bicocca fake diploma, buy University of Milano-Bicocca fake certificate, all research has joined an international network of research centres, and outdoor activities can be carried out in the largest urban park in Italy. The park is full of cinemas, theatres and large shopping malls. The cooperation between Bika University and local companies in Milan is very close. At the same time, the university attaches great importance to the internationalization of the campus. Milan Bicocca University has always advocated the spirit of innovation and daring to practice, attracting a large number of professors, researchers and students from all over the world. The life of the students on campus is free and open. Researchers from all walks of life from all over the world come together with the students. The education is not just in the classroom. Therefore, the school holds many seminars and similar activities.



Multidisciplinary, comprehensive development, seeking common ground while reserving differences, want to buy Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca fake diploma, how to make a diploma from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, buy Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca fake certificate, and constantly innovating are not only a slogan, but a practical way of running a school than Coke, which is a study of Bika's characteristics and is implemented in various studies conducted by the school. With.



Although the history of Cika is not too long, the results are excellent.



The University of Milan Bicocca campus is located in the industrial park of Pirelli in the 1980s, the largest urban renewal project ever undertaken in Milan after World War II.

The medical school is located in Monza, next to the San Gerardo hospital. The carefully selected location makes it easy for students to learn the techniques of diagnosis and treatment and to understand the lives of patients. In addition to its partnership with St. Gerard Hospital, the School of Medicine has also established cooperation agreements with other medical institutions to give students the opportunity to participate in teaching internships, including in Vimercate, Lecco, Sondrio and Bergamo. hospital. In cooperation with the local health bureau, buy UNIMIB degree


, buy UNIMIB fake diploma, buy UNIMIB fake degree in Italy, a computer-equipped scientific library was built in the U8 building to establish a network with medical workers in the surrounding provinces.



Undergraduate majors: biological laboratory technology, dental hygiene and treatment, motor neurological therapy, midwifery, nursing, physiotherapy, radiology



Master's degree:



Medical science



Through formal teaching and training, under the leadership of the instructor, internships in the hospital will be carried out in groups, and clinical exchange activities will be carried out. The semester is 6 years and a total of 360 credits are required.






Based on practice, through the direct guidance of experts, the foundation of solid biomedical surgical methods is cultivated. The semester is 5 years.



Medical biotechnology



Through a two-year medical biotechnology study, students with a bachelor's degree can learn scientific methods and knowledge, master professional skills, have the ability to research and develop new technologies, and develop biotechnology and biomedical equipment.



Nursing and midwifery



The two-year program focuses on developing students' skills in the following areas: medical assistance, medical education, prevention, and providing quality services for major social health issues. There are two main branches: - Nursing, - Midwifery



School of Psychology



The course offered by the college focuses on cognitive-emotion-motivation psychological processes, brain development at different stages of life, normal and morbid brain functions, and psychological factors that determine individual-collective relationships in social groups, with particular emphasis on interpersonal communication. the process of. buy Italian fake degree, buy Italian fake diploma, buy bachelor degree in Italy, buy Italian Master's degree.The college provides a solid psychological methodological education and a more professional division of postgraduate training. Employment is primarily in the private or public sector, such as the health sector, human resources, education, personnel management, schools and communications.



Undergraduate majors: Psychology, Communication Studies, how much for a fake diploma, How can I get Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca diploma? Communication Psychology (in collaboration with the School of Education Sciences), and Social Psychology Studies (also a study of the online learning model of the Nettuno project)

Master's degree: Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Organizational Psychology and Consumer Behavior, School Education Psychology (in collaboration with the School of Education Sciences), Communication Theory and Technology