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Test d'évaluation du français, referred to as TEF is the French language test of non-French speakers. where to buy tef fake certificate, how to pass the tef exam, buy tef fake diploma, how to immigrate to Canada, buy IELTS certificate, This test was initiated by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) and awarded a certificate. TEF's performance can be used as a basis for the French and higher education institutions to assess the French language of the admissions and can also be used as a language proficiency for applying for Canadian skilled migrants.

This quiz contains three designated items and two optional items. buy Test d'évaluation du français fake certificate, where to get the tef certificate? Reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary for the designated and must participate in the project; writing and oral part of the optional items, can be separated from the test. TCF is more effective than TEF, and TEF can be considered a relatively outdated examination, I think TEF exists in China, but the French Embassy want to earn more money for Chinese students only tools.There are rumors that TCF to replace TEF , But this is the trend.

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Overall, TCF is difficult, but the title of TCF are in accordance with the difficulty of 1 to 6 classification,

1 ~ 2 is a very simple French vocabulary or conversation,

3 to 4 are common in everyday life in French,

5 will appear news, newspapers in the French content,

6 will be in-depth to start a topic, you can involve the depth of the article, news, writers of the novel content.