The Heart and Brain of Silicon Valley - Stanford University degree

 "In the final analysis, life is real, and you are here to seek a useful job for yourself, which includes innovative, enterprising aspirations, good design and the ultimate effort to achieve it."

Leland Stanford's speech at the first opening ceremony of Stanford University

For Silicon Valley, an American scientist once said: "Silicon Valley in the United States, as the United States in the world." Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University), a principal said: "Stanford University in Silicon Valley, as Silicon Valley In the United States. "No Stanford University will not have Silicon Valley. Leland Stanford, the founder of Stanford University, was born in a wealthy farmer family in New York and worked as a lawyer in Wisconsin. At the age of 28, Stanford came to California to do business, a few years later became one of the four giants of California. where to buy Stanford University fake degree, sample of Stanford University certificate, buy Stanford University fake diploma, buy a bachelor degree from Stanford University, Stanford was the general manager of the Union Pacific Railroad Company in 1861 and the oldest Republican in California, who was the governor of California. In 1862, Congress passed a bill to build the Pacific Railroad, which stipulated that the United Pacific Railroad Company and the Central Pacific Railroad Company would jointly build railways running across the North American continent. Central Pacific Railways is responsible for the construction of the Omaha from east to west, while the Union Pacific Railroad is built east of the California Pacific coast. buy Stanford University master degree, buy Stanford University MBA degree, According to the bill, the two companies built the railway road and along the part of the land to the railway company, that is to say who built road fast, who will be able to get more benefits. The railway was soon repaired, and the railroad made the North American continent one, making the United States truly a country across the oceans. The railway played a decisive role in the economic development of the United States and the rise of the western states, and earned a lot of wealth for Stanford.

However, the Stanford couple's personal life is not satisfactory. In May 1868, Stanford's only son, Stanford, was born. Small Stanford 11 years old, had traveled with their parents to the UK, then every year he and his family to travel to Europe. Stamford couples let small Stanford in New York to receive secondary education, ready to let the small Stanford into Harvard in the future. In November 1883, the Stanford couple with 15-year-old small Stanford to Athens, and then from Athens to Naples, after the New Year's Day, arrived in Rome by Rome. Travel on the way, small Stanford suddenly made a high fever, the diagnosis of his suffering from typhoid fever. Stamford couples from Paris invited doctors, and tried a variety of new therapies, hoping for the son of fever, but no effect. March 3, 1884, small Stanford died, 6 days after Stanford is 60 years old birthday.

In his later years he was given a heavy blow to Stanford and his wife Jane Elizabeth Lathrop Stanford. After five weeks, Stanford kept himself in the hotel in Paris, constantly revising the suicide note. After Stanford came out of the room, he said to his wife, "From now on, all the children of California are our children." how to study at Stanford University, buy US fake degree, buy US fake diploma, buy a bachelro degree from Stanford University, The legend of the suicide note did not mention the university. Former President Grant and his wife introduced Mrs. Medrek for a friend of Stanford. The idea of ​​setting up Stanford University was created under the influence of the lady. Stanford initially wanted to do a technical school to commemorate the son, and as a division of the University of California, California governor to hire Stanford as executive director of the University of California, unexpectedly opposed by opposition members, Stanford determined to create another the University. The university is to commemorate the son, but also for the whole of California children built.